Summer travel planning? Uganda!

June, July and August 2016 are looking great for The Real Uganda and its partner programs. We’re hosting 2 groups and 19 individual volunteers. Want to get involved or just interested in what’s happening on the ground? Read on!

volunteer in Uganda

David involved in HIV testing back in 2011.

June 1st has 7 newbies touching down in Uganda – 3 Mexicans and 4 Americans. David Luke, a third time returning volunteer, is bringing 2 friends from home! This group of seven will be volunteering with a variety of host programs focusing on agriculture, community outreach, and residential child care.

June 5th has a group of 6 joining us to run the Uganda International Marathon. After running, they’ll spend a few days with us in Mukono visiting Nalusse Success Primary School and Christian Heritage Centre. These are 2 partner programs benefiting from funds raised by the runners. The Real Uganda funds a hot lunch program at Nalusse and has purchased farm land and built classrooms for Christian Heritage Centre’s demonstration farm and primary school, respectively. After the project visits, they’re going rafting on the River Nile and on wildlife safari to Murchison Falls National Park. A rad way to enjoy all that Uganda offers!

volunteer in Africa

Kisha planting soy beans in 2015

June 15th has another 3 vollies joining us. I’m proud to report that 2 of them are former volunteers! How’s that for a vote of confidence? Kisha and Dede are returning, but are both working with different programs this time. Experienced volunteers add a depth of knowledge and efficiency to their work. They contribute and learn more each time they come.

July 1st will bring another 3 newbies. They’ll work in public health and community outreach.

July 3rd begins another week long group tour sponsored by GVN Youth Ambassador program. 14 kids will join us for a week of workshops and project visits that will put into perspective community development ideas, voluntourism, and international collaboration.

July 15th has 2 more arrivals. 1 from the US, and our very first vollie from Turkey! We’ve been seeing interest in volunteer abroad programs from new sources these last few years. Notably, we’ve hosted an Egyptian, a Bahraini, and a Persian. I love the different perspective Muslim volunteers bring to our pool of vollies and to our host programs. Since Uganda has such a sizeable Muslim population, it’s great to be able to bring volunteers that better reflect the local population.

August 1st, we have 2 more new arrivals. Zan, another returnee, will be staying with us for 3 months. The other new volunteer is from Spain. I hate to admit this, but I think Claudia is only our first or second Spaniard. Can’t wait to introduce her to our way of doing things!

August 15th brings another 2 newbies. Each for short 2 week stays. They’ll be working in public health and child development.

That about rounds out our summer. Have you cemented your plans yet? We have a few placements available in each of our programs for July and August. Please read these independent reviews, then peruse our programs, and apply today!!

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