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Volunteer Abroad With The Real Uganda

Do you want to volunteer in Africa, but feel weird about going with an international for-profit company?

Do you want to volunteer in Africa, but are ethically opposed to orphanage volunteering?

Do you want to volunteer in Africa, and work alongside regular Ugandans?

If you answered yes to all of these – we’re glad you found The Real Uganda!

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Ugandan farmers on the way to the garden

What makes us Special?

Uganda farmer on his way to the garden

Our words are mission-focused.

The Real Uganda is a non-profit organization. The communities we serve are our first priority.

Our photos show only healthy, empowered Ugandans.

The Real Uganda supports families who work every day to improve their lives. We’re all on an upward spiral.

We are incredibly proud of Uganda.

Everyone at The Real Uganda lives and works in Uganda. We’re intimately involved with life here.

We want you to join us

Volunteering Is About Solidarity

Support and work alongside motivated Ugandans as they improve their lives, on their terms.

We’ve got to stop the stereotypes and prove the reality. Volunteering in a developing country isn’t about saving, it’s about SOLIDARITY.

We’re ready to extend our table – are you ready to support our local initiatives?

Who We Are

The Real Uganda is a non-profit organization that sources international volunteers for locally-led, community-based initiatives in Uganda.

We pride ourselves on offering mutually beneficial cultural exchange programs.

Communities get helping hands and exposure to the outside world. Volunteers learn a new culture and approach to life.

Founded in 2005, The Real Uganda has hosted over 1,000 volunteers from all over the world.

The Real Uganda doesn’t want to save Uganda, we want to share it with the world.

Ugandan women's group craft lessons

What We Do

The Real Uganda supports local organizations and raises awareness about the successes and challenges of life in Uganda.

Our travelers visit Sub-Saharan Africa to learn about and support grassroots development efforts. We offer a family-like environment in which to come to Uganda, give your time, and experience a new culture.

Our long term presence in Uganda ensures we partner with effective social and economic development programs. Volunteers work with children, women, and youth in schools, clinics, and gardens.

It is not easy to travel to a foreign culture on your own. We are on the ground to give you encouragement and support, to ensure your success.

Uganda primary school girl

Why We Do It

We want you to experience Uganda in an authentic and meaningful way. Life in Uganda is tough. Wages are low, corruption is rampant, and education is inefficient.

In spite of this, Ugandans are some of the most motivated and welcoming people in Africa.

While working with The Real Uganda, volunteers are deeply immersed in our culture. You’ll learn to cook, speak the language, sit peacefully, and appreciate life.

We hope volunteers take these lessons home and spread the word about Ugandan development issues and culture around the world.

There are 4 Ways to Volunteer with the real Uganda

Why Choose Us?

We’re Local

Our offices, staff, and projects are located in Uganda. We are on the ground with encouragement and support to ensure your success. 100% of your funds stay in Uganda.

We’re Experienced

We’ve hosted over 1,000 volunteers from all over the world. Our volunteer coordinator is a Canadian/Ugandan dual citizen who has lived in Uganda full-time, since 2004.

We’re Relevant

Our partner organizations are Ugandan-run and engage in Ugandan-led activities. Activities that help and develop real people and communities, on their terms.

We’re Specialized

We focus on Uganda and do not maintain remote relationships with programs all over the globe. Our volunteers work locally at schools, in public health, on farms, and with women’s empowerment groups.

Ready to find out More?

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Volunteer reviews

“At the boarding school, I helped in the daily affairs: kitchen, washing dishes and clothes, helping the kids with their homework at night. We would also fetch water for showers, as well as for cooking. Sometimes I would go to the nearby town to bring some treats for the kids living there. I spent a lot of time playing and getting to know the kids. I taught English and helped the teachers provide homework for the children. I spent a number of days helping the local community filling out government forms for their children to get an ID, since many parents don’t speak English.”

Village Teaching

“Spending one week in Uganda in 2016, it was enough to make me go back for six weeks a year later. I went all around the country seeing all it had to offer, safari at Murchison falls, white water rafting the Nile, zip lining through the forest, but my favourite part was seeing all the different organisations that they work with to place volunteers. I worked along side the community to build a rabbit hut, teach in schools, fix wells, work in a clinic, build a house, did crafts and made amazing connections with people i still miss today. Not only would I recommend The Real Uganda to anyone, but I am planning on getting back there as soon as I can.”

7 Day Culture-Adventure Tour of Uganda

“I lived with a couple who ran the local church and school and their four kids, plus their extended family and community who are all around to interact with and help you out and talk to you; you really do become part of the family and community. I helped out on the farm (all though not as much as planned due to the dry weather, the soil was to hard to do much!), as well as at the local school painting, playing games with the children, and helping the school cook, or matron. On the weekends there is plenty to see and do in Uganda; safaris, visit the river Nile, Kampala, there is a lot to experience. If this is what you are looking for then then The Real Uganda is a perfect choice for you.’

Agriculture and Conservation Program

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