Volunteering in Uganda provides a safe and eye-opening cultural exchange experience for people of all ages and nationalities. There’s a lot going on out here. But there’s not much photographic evidence of it floating around the internet.

Instead, we have the typical selfie – young volunteer posing with dusty little kid.

I don’t want to see idle people. I’m sick to death of poverty porn. Enough with the exaggerated stories of danger and civil unrest. This is why The Real Uganda was founded in 2005 – to show the world the full picture of life in Uganda.

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The Real Uganda offers 2 – 12 week locally-led communty-based volunteer programs.

Uganda school girl in uniform

In that regard, THIS is what life looks like for our volunteers in Uganda:

The Food

fresh fruit and veg stall in Uganda
volunteers preparing maize for milling in Uganda
traditional cooking lesson in Uganda
roasted meat in Uganda
Fresh chapatti prepared in Uganda

With a 365 day growing season, there’s more than enough food to go around. It’s fresh from the garden, largely organic, and (while sometimes a little adventurous) so delicious.

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The Classrooms

Its important to learn some local language when you volunteer in Africa. Our Luganda phrase book helps you in your travels in Uganda.
When volunteering in Africa, its important to learn some language before you arrive. This is our phrase book for visitors to Uganda.
teach in Africa
Primary school classroom in Uganda
Volunteer in Uganda and teach in rural classrooms

We don’t always have a solid roof over our head, but with the help of volunteers, the kids are getting the encouragement, creativity, and love they need.

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the work

Volunteer in Uganda and help community sanitation efforts
volunteer on a farm with ugandan women
traditional basket weaving in Uganda
Medical volunteers in Africa

Some days you’ll sweat, some days you’ll smile. Every day is guaranteed to be randomly different.

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The Vibrance of Mukono Town

Ugandan motorcycle taxis are called bodabodas
Small fruit and vegetables stands are everywhere in Uganda
Need a new phone. Uganda has many small phone shops to serve you.
Uganda has daily markets selling household goods, clothes and everything else you could ever want.
Traffic to and from Kampala is high in volume and easily gets backed up.

Mukono town, our headquarters, is open for business. We’ve got what you need day or night!

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The beauty and peace of the village

bicycle in uganda
uganda village home
Cooking on an open fire in rural Uganda
dug out canoes in western Uganda
mountain gorilla Uganda

Not traveling during the pandemic? Help us give practical and transformative skills to young Ugandan women.

The Garden

farming in Uganda
planting mango trees in Uganda
organic farming in Uganda
volunteer farm worker in Uganda
Uganda farmer walking to the field

There’s always work to be done on the farm. Our volunteers not only plant seeds and clear weeds, they chase away monkeys stealing our crops.

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And – the little dudes

Ugandan school kids having a porridge break
Volunteer in Africa with kids
ugandan children making beaded crafts
School children in Uganda
Children in Uganda do household chores from an early age and learn strength, independence, decison-making and family devotion.

Ugandan childhood is indeed something to be cherished and shared with the world.

I love cultural exchange. I love travel. I love photos. I love Uganda. We’ve got to stop the stereotypes and prove the reality. Volunteering in a developing country isn’t about saving, it’s about sharing. You’ll find our local communities peaceful, safe, and so welcoming.

Email us at [email protected] with your photographic proof! We’d love to feature what you learned while volunteering abroad.

Otherwise – share this and spread the word!

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