THIS Is What Volunteering in Uganda Looks Like

Volunteering in Uganda provides a safe and eye-opening cultural exchange experience for people of all ages and nationalities. There’s a lot going on out here. But there’s not much photographic evidence of it floating around the internet.

Instead, we have the typical selfie – young volunteer posing with poorly dressed, dusty little kids.

I don’t want to see idle people. I’m sick to death of poverty porn. Enough with the exaggerated stories of danger and civil unrest. This is why I founded The Real Uganda in 2005. I want to show you the full picture of life in Uganda.

help sponsor African school kids

The Real Uganda is a non-profit organization that sources international volunteers for locally led, community based initiatives in Uganda. We pride ourselves on offering mutually beneficial cultural exchange programs.

Communities get helping hands and exposure to the outside world. Volunteers learn a new culture and approach to life. The Real Uganda doesn’t hope to save Uganda, we hope to share it with the world.

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In that regard, THIS is what life looks like for our volunteers in Uganda:


Fresh chapatti prepared in Uganda

Jackfruit is widely available in Uganda and a great source of local nutrition. Its a super food!

fresh roasted pork in Uganda

volunteer in Uganda and cook fresh greens from the garden

With a 365 day growing season, there’s more than enough food to go around. It’s fresh from the garden, largely organic, and so delicious.

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Volunteer in Uganda and help community sanitation efforts

Ugandan kids need art classes too!

Volunteers help serving porridge at boarding schools

Volunteer in Uganda and fetch water with the kids. You'll be immersed in local life and culture.

Some days you’ll sweat, some days you’ll smile. Every day is guaranteed to be randomly different.

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Ugandan motorcycle taxis are called bodabodas

Small fruit and vegetables stands are everywhere in Uganda

Need a new phone. Uganda has many small phone shops to serve you.

Uganda has daily markets selling household goods, clothes and everything else you could ever want.

Mukono town, our headquarters, is open for business. We’ve got what you need day or night!


There’s always work to be done on the farm. Our volunteers not only plant seeds and clear weeds, they chase away monkeys stealing our crops.

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Ugandan childhood is something to be cherished and shared with the world.

I love cultural exchange. I love travel. I love photos. I love Uganda. We’ve got to stop the stereotypes and prove the reality. Volunteering in a developing country isn’t about saving, it’s about sharing. You’ll find local communities peaceful, safe, and so welcoming.

Email us at [email protected] with your photographic proof! We’d love to feature what you learned while volunteering abroad.

Otherwise – share this and spread the word!

Volunteering in Uganda is a lot more than taking selfies with cute, dusty little kids. There's so much going on: the food, the classrooms, town and village life. Experiencing Ugandan childhood and its freedoms will blow you away. Time for some reality about life and volunteering in Uganda.

Want to know what volunteering in Uganda actually looks like? Check out these photos of real people giving their time at The Real Uganda. Cultural exchange is the best way to really see Africa.
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  2. Katie @ The Katie Show Blog

    Wow I love all these pics and I am glad you shared them to show another perspective of volunteering there. It’s true many of the pictures I see don’t tend to really showcase what life is like or the culture so I really liked seeing this post. Makes me want to volunteer!

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