What Our Volunteers Do

There are 4 Ways to Volunteer With The Real Uganda

The Real Uganda began as an initiative to bring skills and funding to locally-led community-based organizations. In just over a decade, we have grown into a network of international volunteers and Ugandan leaders that transform local communities.

In all our programs, volunteers are introduced to the beauty and complexity of Ugandan culture, and encouraged to build relationships with ordinary Ugandans working hard to improve our society.

Before reading, check your eligibility and costs.


1. Community Outreach

Do you want to ride to work on the back of a motor cycle as the sun rises? Scrub the red dust off your feet as the sun sets? Experience new activities involving child, women, and youth development every day? This placement is for you.


Volunteer in Uganda and work with women


2. Public Health Improvement

Can you communicate important information in creative ways? Do you want to learn the reality on the ground regarding public health in Uganda? Do you like camping? Then get involved in this program.


Volunteer in Uganda and work in public health.


3. Agriculture and Conservation

Do you like working outdoors and getting your hands dirty? Interested in seeing the impact of climate change in the tropics? Come volunteer at a local farm and help a community achieve food security and environmental sustainability.


Volunteer on a farm in Uganda and help a community achieve food security.


4. Village Teaching Program

Are you enthusiastic about early childhood development? Do you love kids and want to teach them about the world? Want to get involved in the daily happenings at a real Ugandan primary school? Then look no further.


Teach in Uganda and give kids encouragement, creativity and love.


!Bonus Program!

For compassionate, solo travelers with limited vacation time, The Real Uganda also leads 7 day culture-adventure tours of Uganda. Join a new, hands-on project each day and treat yourself to a wildlife safari, in this guided group tour.

ADDED BONUS: Locally-owned hotels and restaurants are patronized throughout.



After reading through all the details, and understanding the variety of activities in which our volunteers engage, please let us know if you’re looking for something more. We’d be happy to answer your questions and match your skill and interest with a locally-led initiative seeking help.



The Real Uganda offers 4 programs for international volunteers to join. You can teach in primary schools, dig on organic farms, work in public health, and get involved with women empowerment groups. Our focus is cultural exchange. Bring your encouragement, creativity, and love to Uganda!

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