Join Our Agriculture and Conservation Program

Volunteers work alongside Ugandan women as they maintain communal gardens.

It’s a fun way to promote better nutrition, efficient land use, food security, and income generation.

what you will do

Volunteers in the agriculture and conservation program join in on the work of their host organization.

Volunteer activities may include a combination of the following seasonal activities:

  • land clearing and soil preparation;
  • planting maize, beans, fruit trees, and vegetables;
  • weeding gardens;
  • chasing pests; and
  • harvesting crops.

Volunteers are given basic training and appropriate tools upon arrival. Gloves, a hat, and sturdy gumboots are recommended. This project requires working in the sun.

Why Choose This Program

You’ll love sinking your hands into our rich Ugandan soil;

You get to work alongside empowered women earning income for their families;

Public speaking isn’t your thing; and

Helping a community achieve food security feels great!

Volunteers are given a private room and 3 daily meals at the family home of their host organization’s director.

Meals consist of local foods, such as matooke (mashed plantain), posho (corn meal), cassava, rice, chapatti, and sweet potatoes. They are generally served with peas, beans, fish, or groundnut sauce.  Bread and tea are the usual breakfast.

Vegetarian, vegan, and gluten- or lactose-free diets are welcome.

There is electricity but no indoor plumbing. Expect pit latrines and cold bucket showers.

When gardens are not within walking distance, volunteers ride to work on the back of a motorcycle.

No more than 3 volunteers are placed together in any village placement.

We are ready to match your skill and interest with a locally-led organization seeking help.

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