For each volunteer wishing to volunteer with The Real Uganda, a program fee in the amount of $945USD is payable for the first month ($735 for 2 weeks). The second and third months are each $630. Below is a brief breakdown as to how that money is used:


$400    host organization donation/food/accommodation

$195    Banking fees/volunteer pick-up/incidentals

$150    guesthouse use/orientation

$200    The Real Uganda marketing/supervision

The fee covers support while you prepare for Uganda, airport pickup, first night hotel, transport to your placement, food and accommodation while volunteering, supervision, and a donation to the organization with which you are working.

The fee does not cover airline tickets, visas, vaccinations, drinking water, leisure activities, or medical services.

These are the terms and conditions guiding all volunteer program fees.

  • A non-refundable deposit of $200USD is required to secure any placement.
  • The deposit is applied to the total program fee.
  • Should a volunteer delay their start date, the deposit can be used to plan a new placement within one calendar year of the date of payment.
  • All program fees are due and payable one month before arrival.
  • Program fees (exclusive of deposit) are refundable 10 days before arrival in Uganda.
  • Should a volunteer leave the program early, program fees covering the current month are forfeit. For placements longer than 4 weeks, a new placement can be planned within one calendar year from the departure date, covering unused weeks.
  • The donation portion of the program fee is given to the host organization in order for that organization to operate on a daily basis. Volunteers do not have a right to dictate how funds are spent. Questions as to how the funds are spent should be directed to the director of your host organization.

Thanks for reading and respecting.

Welcome to Uganda!

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