Read This Before You Volunteer Abroad

Read This Before You Volunteer Abroad

The Real Uganda aims to bring the best prepared, most culturally sensitive volunteers to its partner programs. We want to empower local leaders and enable local people to improve their lives, on their terms. We want to show the outside world that Ugandans are in...

What You Need To Know About Voluntourism

International volunteers and volunteer abroad programs – while extremely popular – often come under fire. Online articles pop up, written by frustrated former volunteers, complaining about the futility of westerners heading off into the unknown, to...
The Real Uganda Volunteer Feedback and Advice

The Real Uganda Volunteer Feedback and Advice

A search of our archives brings up feedback and advice from Megan, a volunteer from the US who was with us in 2015. She told us a little about what she did while volunteering and added some extra thoughts at the end. She basically killed it when she was here. Worked...

A Volunteer Reflects on Her Time in Uganda

One of the biggest challenges in preparing to volunteer abroad is battling a fear of the unknown. No matter how much you read online and talk to your friends, you need assurance that all will go well  – from actual people who lived it. Well, The Real Uganda has...

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