So, this is how a Ugandan lives in the world.

I was hiking to a hilltop, where a Ugandan friend had planted a tonne of fruit trees. You might know him, he’s called Robert. He lives in Najjembe.

It was hot. We both had bottles of drinking water. When we reached, we looked for a shady place to rest. We passed by a young tree struggling in the sunshine. Robert emptied his water bottle on that tree.

My first thought was “Wow, I would never do that.”

My next thought was “Damn, Ugandans understand that a tree will sustain 1,000s of people, but a bottle of water will only sustain one.”

Robert put that tree before himself.

My third thought was “Thank God, I’m raising my son in Uganda.”

There’s so much to learn from this place.


When you volunteer with The Real Uganda, you learn valuable life lessons about yourself and everyone you meet. Cultural exchange is about recognizing this. Ugandan culture is largely environmentally sustainable. Does your culture live with the earth, or at odds with it? Travel to Uganda and discover what is really happening!
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