This week’s post is inspired by Kerry Randall. Why? Because she has volunteered with The Real Uganda a few times and her love of this country makes me happy.


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One of Kerry’s favourite things about volunteering in Uganda is the religious aspect.

Note that she and I are both cultural Christians. We celebrate Christmas and Easter, but don’t otherwise practice any religious rites. Our time here is not spent in church. We are in no way trying to bring Christ to Africa. Rather, we’re having a great time learning a new culture, and appreciating what Ugandans are doing to make their world a better place.

Kerry’s words were in the neigbourhood of “the way religion is practiced in Uganda, is the way it should be”. Simply meaning that Ugandans pray, worship, love god, do good, and let everyone else do the same. No matter the god, good book, or building, we’re all equal and supportive.

Even the few Ugandans I’ve met who decide to abstain from religion all together never shout about, put down, or belittle those who pray.

School children in Uganda

I have to agree with Kerry. One of the first things you notice upon living in Uganda, and working alongside Ugandans, is that they have God. Ugandans also wish you to have God. We all need God. Done. If you don’t have God, yourself, it’s because you haven’t yet found the right church.

I’d say almost any Ugandan is up for the challenge of helping you sort this out (with a pressure so light it could never be found offensive).

Ugandans are also happy to experiment themselves.

I know a few Christians who have tried out Islam and Judaism. Why not spend a Saturday with the Seventh Day Adventists? Check out what the Savedees are up to by attending an all night prayer vigil. In fact, during this past Ramadan, on the last day before Idd, all the employees at Barclay’s Bank, Mukono, came to work in hijab and fasted. They were supporting their one and only Muslim colleague.

Rad, eh?

Uganda is ALL about community, sharing ideas, and supporting one another. Tolerance for opposing viewpoints comes naturally.

Sound nice? It is.

Don’t believe me? Volunteering in Uganda is a great way to come see for yourself! The Real Uganda is gloriously non-denominational and non-judgemental.


Religion in Uganda is a major affair. But it is practiced freely and without judgement.
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