The Uganda International Marathon

Uganda International Marathon

The team

At the beginning of this month, we were proud hosts to a small group of athletes. These people raised a tonne of money, flew to Uganda, ran a marathon in Masaka, spent an entire day in back-to-school traffic traveling to Mukono, visited two of our partner programs, rafted the River Nile, and went on wildlife safari to Murchison Falls National Park. How’s THAT for a whirlwind week in Uganda!

I only had the privilege of seeing them during their 2 days in Mukono. Together, we visited Nalusse Success Primary School in Mukono Town and Christian Heritage Centre in Najjembe. I wanted them to see firsthand where their funds were going. And what a welcome they received!

Children's choir

The kids

We had a hot lunch and amazing entertainment from the kids at Nalusse. Even though it was the first day of school, after 3 weeks of holidays, the kids performed beautifully.

Everyone had an early night as it was day 1 post-marathon. The 8 hour journey between Masaka and Mukono couldn’t have helped the situation.

The next morning we left Mukono bright and early and headed to Najjembe. The Real Uganda works with Christian Heritage Centre, a small primary school in Mabira Rainforest. We had a fun morning creating art and sweating it out on the pitch with the kids.

Ugandan art class

The art

football in Uganda

The sport









After lunch we planted trees and were treated to another awesome performance by the school choir. This one included teachers! See that lady shakin’ it in the back? That’s Judith. She runs the school. She had given birth literally 10 days before this dance party.

Ugandan dance class

The dance

Not a bad couple days in the field, eh? Watch this space for the outcome of this story. Once the final numbers are in, we’ll have our partners figure out how the donated funds will be spent.

To our runners: Peter, Connor, Dioni, Ignacio, Jacob, and Caitie – We cannot thank you enough for putting your bodies through this ordeal to spread the word about the successes and challenges of life in Uganda. We believe you have seen some of the beauty and spirit this country has to offer.

tree planting in Uganda

The job well done

I’d like to thank GVN Foundation for putting this group together, and for helping with fundraising logistics and advice. A special hug goes out to Caitie Goddard, the Foundation’s executive director. Her first trip to Uganda was to volunteer with us. She’s since been back as a professional and as a friend. It was great to see you, talk with you, and plan our next steps with you!

If you’re interested in joining us in Uganda, have a look around this website. If you like what you read, fill in our online application form. We’re looking for volunteers who want to do some good, but also want to get out and see some of this great country!

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