September 17, 2018 marked the beginning of the third academic term in Uganda.

As usual, Uganda’s Nalusse Success Primary School opened its doors and its kitchen to over 120 students, aged 3 to 13. This is thanks in large part to Kick It For Uganda – an annual fundraiser, organized by The Real Uganda former volunteer, Jens Hirschfeld, of Bonn, Germany.

kick it for uganda annual fundraiser in bonn germany

This is the second time our lunch program has benefited from Kick It For Uganda, and the staff and students at Nalusse couldn’t be more pleased. The donation received was just over $1,000USD and covers almost the entire term’s lunch fee!

Ugandan school children

We can’t thank Jens and the good people of Bonn for coming out on August 25th to kick around a ball for our cause.

Head Mistress, Nansubuga Josephine, said this about the importance of providing a free hot lunch to their students:

“It makes my children feel confident. It keeps my kids in school, reduces rates of absenteeism, and they no longer come in late. If there was no lunch at school, they would have to go home for lunch. But, sometimes there is nothing at home. So they come back to school late, and possibly with an empty stomach. They were hungry and didn’t have the energy to learn. School was a punishment.

Now with the Hot Lunch Program, the students feel happy and secure that someone out there cares about them. They look forward to this lunch. It keeps them going until the end of the day.”

Read more from Nansubuga about the impact of the hot lunch program at Nalusse Success Primary.

And if you’d like to help serve these kids, you can. Just click this link:

Donations from this link are collected by GoAbroad Foundation, and are tax deductible for Americans. The next school term begins in February 2019!

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