The Real Uganda is pleased to announce the kick-off to our Christmas 2016 fundraiser. If you don’t already know, Giving Tuesday is an international day of giving. It was started as a way to highlight the work of non-profit organizations and to combat the (sometimes over-the-top) commercialization of the North American Christmas season. It happens every year, the Tuesday after U.S. Thanksgiving.

Last year, our holiday fundraiser was about re-usable diapers. This year, it’s all about giving Ugandans a small leg up as they work to improve their lives, on their terms. We’ve put together three low-cost, high impact options. If you’ve got a couple bucks left, after your Black Friday shopping, or you want to make a gift in the name of a loved one, please choose an option below.

Buy Some Beads

Our women’s groups and school students are learning how to make beaded handbags for sale in local Ugandan markets. A donation of $3 will buy 1kg of beads. The program only needs support at the beginning as they’re learning and building stock. The program aims to builds skills and sustainable income.

making handicrafts in Uganda is a good way for people to earn an income to pay for tuition and other expenses

buy beads to help our handicraft group grow

Type “beads”  in the description box

Buy Some Seeds

Due to drought in June, July and August 2016, many of our partner schools and family farmers weren’t able to harvest adequate maize to feed their dependents. Money for seed for the new growing season is needed to get everyone back on their feet. Your donation of $7 will buy 1kg of hybrid maize seeds. These are fast growing, hardy seeds!

Ugandan food is heavily based around maize

buy beads to help our handicraft group grow

Type “maize” in the description box

Buy Some Books

Many of our partner schools offer free or heavily discounted education for underprivileged kids. Your donation of $13 will buy a package of school supplies containing exercise books, pencils, pens, a rubber and a math set. This way all students will have what they need to make the most of their school days.

donate school supplies for Ugandan school children

buy beads to help our handicraft group grow

Type “school” in the description box

If you wish to make this a gift, we’re happy to create a little something personalized to print and slip inside a card. Simply add your message in the description box when making your purchase and we’ll be in touch.

This campaign will run through the holiday season. All our shopping will be done in January. Watch this space for our follow-up accountability report.

Thanks in advance for your support! Happy shopping!

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