Ever wonder what a rural Ugandan school looks like?

I couldn’t be happier to present to you a school The Real Uganda has worked with since inception. A school founded and operated by Ugandans in the small village of Kitoola, Buikwe. It’s founders began with a clear vision and an appropriate plan of slow growth. One classroom was added each year to accommodate the graduates from the preceding year. Hopeland Junior School has persisted for over 8 years with a combination of appropriately determined tuition fees, donations from well-wishers, and income from their farm. Today, the school offers complete primary education from nursery to Primary Class 7. It is on its way to becoming a government certified examination centre, as well.

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Rachel teaching a social studies class to Primary Class 6.

The video below was put together by one of our former volunteers, Rachel. She’s a school psychologist from the U.S.A. For one month, she gave her days to this school and delivered interactive lessons for students aged 10-14. She focused on having the kids look around their immediate environment to appreciate the riches they have!

If you want to work with this school, or another one like it – please check out this website’s Programs page. If you like what you read, fill in our online application form. We are looking for volunteers interested in learning about Uganda, while pitching in to help where needed. Our volunteers impact classrooms, gardens, clinics, and women’s empowerment groups. The people we work with want to share their challenges and successes with others around the world.

Delight in the sights and sounds of this little school. And don’t forget to notice the joy and laughter – it’s definitely the norm around here!

Our call to action for this week: If you work in a school anywhere in the world (Uganda included) and want to share it with these kids, give us a link in the comments to a similar video and we’ll be sure to screen it for them! Our students love to see how classrooms around the world compare.

Watch a video made by Ugandan school students that shows off their school and their spirit! Volunteering in Uganda looks just like this!
Watch a video made my Ugandan school students. Learn about their walk to school, see how their classrooms look, tour their gardens, enjoy how proud these kids are to show off some school pride!
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